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8 unique architectural projects inspired by ‘dragons’

‘Dragons’ also influence other cultures and architectural moments. These buildings might take on dragon-like shapes, utilize dragon-scale patterns, or even be named after dragons, giving a unique and memorable character to the architecture.

Pavilion of Floating Lights aims to reinvent East Asian timber architecture

The Pavilion of Floating Lights’ aims to reinvent East Asian timber architecture, especially ‘-ru’, the East Asian equivalence of a pavilion on a bigger scale. Traditional assembling technics and structural systems such as wooden brackets are re-created in six tree-like columns of the project.

Areuke Spa

Areuke Spa Chiselled as A Tilted Pyramid by Chiasmus Partners

Areuke Spa exposed as a tilted pyramid, designed by Chiasmus Partners garnishes in its limited space in a vibrant charisma. The building magnifies you, attracts you and holds your gaze upon an alley in an old residential area at the heart of Hongdae.

Hyundai Motorstudio | Goyang 2017

Hyundai Motorstudio’s Kinetic Installation in Goyang Consists of 1,411 Aluminium Rods. The Hyundai Motor Studio in Gyoang, South Korea opened in 2017, with an impressive

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