The architectural concept incorporates natural elements like flowing water and rocks, symbolizing the harmony between urban interconnectedness and nature.

Luohu North Station TOD focuses on creating an integrated urban transportation

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The Luohu North Station TOD employs a futuristic aesthetic, featuring staggered boxes that reflect the inventive spirit of Shenzhen.

Luohu North Station TOD was designed under the direction of Aedas Executive Director Leon Liang in collaboration with Shenzhen Geotechnical Investigation & Surveying Institute (Group) Co. Ltd. and China Railway Siyuan and Design Group Co., Ltd. to develop a dynamic TOD above Luohu North Station.

The Qingshuihe district has a developed industrial sector and extensive infrastructure north of Luohu. It is a part of the Shenzhen-Shanwei High-Speed Railway, which travels through neighborhoods like Pingshan, Luohu, and Futian. Luohu North Station’s architecture aims to create a cutting-edge center of integrated transportation that integrates intercity trains and encourages the development of elevated infrastructure.

Unique entrance designs at the Luohu North Station TOD improve circulation flow efficiency and provide a distinctive arrival experience.

The project crosses major and secondary urban roadways, spanning 800 meters from east to west and 68 meters wide from north to south. The concept creates an integrated, sustainable TOD community while balancing the operational safety needs and the engineering advancement of the railway construction under difficult site conditions.

The Luohu North Station is an innovative project that combines above- and below-ground construction to provide a comprehensive center for the benefit of the locals. says Leon. The design uses the incorporation of flowing water into rocks to express a close interaction between urban interconnectedness and nature. The entire development will be connected by interconnected elevated pedestrian systems, resulting in the creation of an urban oasis. Canopies are used to create an engaging hub that is easily accessible, forming a 24-hour, all-weather corridor.

Prominent façade designs at key entrances, especially the high-speed train and metro junction at the east entrance, create iconic arrival points.

“Creating a futuristic TOD urban icon through high connectivity among people, the city and the station, will serve as a milestone to facilitate the urban development of Luohu district.”

Leon Liang

The entrances have a unique design that improves circulation flow efficiency. The main facade design of the high-speed train and metro junction at the east entrance creates a distinctive arrival experience.

The central plaza, which is located above the station, is a prime example of how the city and station blend together to create a multi-level, dynamic destination for entertainment and leisure. The design, which showcases staggered boxes, gives off a futuristic vibe that captures the inventive spirit of the city.

The overall architectural vision for the Luohu North Station TOD aims to create a sustainable and integrated TOD community, balancing operational safety with engineering innovation.

Project Info

Project: Shenzhen Luohu North High-Speed Railway Station TOD
Location: Shenzhen, China
Client: Key Area Development Center of Luoho District, Shenzhen
Leading Party of Consortium and Construction Drawing Design Institute: China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co., Ltd
Design Architect and Masterplanner: Aedas
Geotechnical Investigation Institute: Shenzhen Geotechnical Investigation & Surveying Institute (Group) Co. Ltd.
Gross Floor Area: 110,000 sq m
Aedas Design Director: Leon Liang, Executive Director

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