Reflective and illuminated, Harbour Cup stands out against Hong Kong's vibrant harbour at night.

Harbour Cup offers a unique foosball game with 3D-printed consoles and sensors

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Harbour Cup, an interactive artwork by LAAB, combines art, science, and sports in a unique experience

The interactive foosball artwork Harbour Cup, made by the artist team LAAB, combines science, art, and sports. With two notable exceptions—there is no goal on either side and no designation of teams—Harbour Cup is comparable to the table soccer game that we are all familiar with. It is up to the players to bargain and choose if they want to play cooperatively or competitively.

LAAB is an art and architecture laboratory that focuses on craftsmanship and innovation. Otto Ng and Yip Chun Hang co-lead this collective of artists, architects, designers, engineers, makers, and sociologists who work together to bring visionary ideas to life. The studio believes that art and architecture can help bring people closer to nature, community, and culture. They blend cutting-edge digital technology with traditional craftsmanship to explore inventive spatial experiences and details in their design process.

With varying heights and dimensions, LAAB's Harbour Cup welcomes players of all body sizes for inclusive foosball fun.

Through the process of rendering the familiar unexpected, LAAB creates an environment that encourages introspection, dialogue, and negotiation. Within the piece of art is a series of LED lights that run on solar power. The ball’s trajectory is illuminated at night when it is kicked because the movement activates the capacitive sensors inside the waterproof 3D-printed consoles.

The metallic body of Harbour Cup serves as a reflection of the multicolored lighting emanating from the towering buildings encircling Hong Kong’s spectacular harbor. The three pieces of artwork are vary in height and size, so they can accommodate persons with a range of body types. LAAB urges individuals of all ages to put down their phones and engage in play-based interactions with one another through the Harbour Cup.

The unique design of Harbour Cup by LAAB reimagines foosball without traditional goals or team definitions

Project Info

Project completion: 2024
Curator: Hong Kong Science Museum
LAAB team: Otto Ng, Chun Hang Yip, CK Wong, Brian Cheung, Catherine Cheng, Larissa Ku, Raphael Kwok, Erika Fung
Photography/video production: DCinematic, Leung Yau Cheong, LAAB

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