AI Crafts

Body Architecture 3.0 – Studio Filippo Nassetti

Body Architecture 3.0 will introduce the participants to a set of advanced digital tools that are able to simulate fibrous and textile forms, patterns and microstructures, investigating how such themes can be interpreted to deliver contemporary design statements.

Parametric Intelligence – Studio Tim Fu

We are back with Tim Fu and launching an all-new course module! We have two options of participation, and all attendees will receive interactive PDF with extensive prompting techniques and advanced workflows for Midjourney and LookX.

AI-Immersed Artistry

AI-Immersed Artistry – Studio Hera Kim

In this workshop, we’ll craft distinctive installation art and interior designs inspired by the beauty of flowers and nature. We’ll delve into the art of crafting unique prompts using Midjourney, exploring functions like ‘stylize,’ ‘style raw,’ ‘chaos’ and more to infuse your creations with a distinctive artistic flair, setting your work apart from the rest.

Prompt Intelligence – Studio Shail Patel

Prompt Intelligence will focus on developing images of ideas combining art, architecture, fashion ,automobile (interior and exterior), with effects, materials exploration.

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