The Illusion of Form

One week online workshop by PAACADEMY in collaboration with ALLBLACKFORM.

The main aspiration of this workshop is to precisely develop a critical argument based on individual research, which will translate into pure geometrical-formal exploration; the format will be an ongoing deskcrit symposium with the participants, meeting them and discussing their individual architectural projects, along with daily tutorials to progress their knowledge of the software techniques. Rather than assignments, the research will be divided into stages and strategies. Based on an image, the participants will develop an expertise in a specific Topological (Geometrical) territory; this territory will emerge for a hybrid between 3 main intellectual fields, from the following menu: Structure, Skin, and Mass.

Project Development:

  • The Workshop will begin with each participant individually focusing on an aesthetic and formal language through the concept of ‘Image Illusion.’ We will then use this as a platform for establishing two types of systems: Integration (Structure, Mass) and Application (Skin, Ornament); this will be the mechanism for developing a series of topological assemblies. Using a formal and aesthetic approach, ILLUSION becomes an instrument of design, as well as a Design Feature.
  • We will then work on a series of formal digital variations, which will be transformed through distortion, contortion, and internal and external pressures, using animation and modeling techniques in order to arrive at an Architectural figure.

Software and Techniques:

  • The Workshop will run primarily using AutoDesk MAYA and will also cover other fundamental digital design tools. Software Introduction (NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY): Maya Interface Modeling Techniques: Polygons, Subdivisions Rendering Techniques: Materials, Special Effects Advanced Techniques: Dynamics, Particles, Deformers, Animations, Camera controls; it will also incorporate, scripting and animation as an engine for the purpose of generating higher complex geometry, and for visual representation.

Tutors: Erick Carcamo, Bailey Shugart


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