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In the Eco-Parametric Structures we will be looking at all forms of wood for construction and how to develop parametric, modular and environmental architectural systems. The course was a 6-week long project based online studio by PAACADEMY. From timber to plywood we will study how to develop systems of struts, nodes and surfaces responding to environmental and structural and programmatic factors. You will learn about lattices, assembly sequences, digital fabrication as well as extracting information from a complex parametric model to create unique and adaptable projects, maximizing inexpensive materials into realistic and exciting architectural projects. The studio looks at the bottom-up design, and how to grow modular systems through creating and learning from matrices of parametric variations. The Eco-Parametric Structures studies the history of algorithmic and parametric design, how it enables the collaborative development of holistic systems and reproduces natural processes for environmental design. More importantly, you will learn how to let your emotions guide you through this mathematical process.

Draft schedule: activities and faculty

  1. Intro to parametric and timber design techniques
  2. Rhino+grasshopper, geometry fundamentals
  3. Grasshopper intermediate, complex data trees and integrating digital fabrication 4. Grasshopper advanced, using plugins such as kangaroo, weaverbird, hoopsnake, octopus, karamba, parakeet to create fully integrated models using timber.
  4. Workshop, creating parametric matrices, both digitally and physically
  5. Project development iterating and developing timber structure.
  6. Final presentations


Software requirements

Rhinoceros 6.0. Or 7 The 90-day trial version can be downloaded from the website Adobe Suite (Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign). The 30-day trial version of Adobe Products can be downloaded from the website



We will be doing regular software workshops and you will be asked to produce portfolio pages including drawings, diagrams, renders and well as video captures of your parametric systems. These will be used as learning tools but also to help illustrate your progress. You will be asked to produce matrix drawings and models showing variations of your systems in relation to the parameters used.



Every student will need to keep a portfolio and produce videos of their work towards the final presentation. The work will be divided into the following parts:

  1. Research into timber structures, struts and nodes
  2. Research into geometrical 2d and 3d lattices, model making
  3. Implementing first research into a parametric model
  4. Informing models with reality
  5. Creating physical and digital matrices of parametric models
  6. Implementing learnings from matrix to suggested different spatial applications
  7. Final presentations


Important Notes:

  • Title: Eco-Parametric Structures
  • Total sessions: 6 Sessions
  • Each session duration: 4 hours
  • Total duration: 24 hours
  • Software to use: Rhinoceros 3D + Grasshopper 3D
  • This studio workshop took place in March-April 2021 and all the sessions were recorded.
  • Please note that tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please read carefully before you purchase.
  • After your purchase, you will have access to the recordings and files of the workshop.



Arthur Mamou-Mani Arthur Mamou-Mani is a French architect and director of the award-winning architecture practice Mamou-Mani. The practice specializes in a new kind of digitally designed and fabricated architecture. He is also a lecturer at the University of Westminster and has given numerous talks around the world on “Eco-Parametric” architectural practice which includes two TedX conferences in the U.S. and France. A fellow of the Royal Society for Encouragement of the Arts Manufacture and Commerce, he has won the American Architecture Prize, the RIBAj Rising Star Award. He has been awarded the prestigious Pierre Cardin Prize for Architecture from the Academie des Beaux-Arts in France.  


More about the course:

Watch our interview with Arthur Mamou-Mani to have more insights about what you will learn during the Eco-Parametric Structures course: PA Talks 37 – Arthur Mamou-Mani


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