New York will replace its largest fossil-fuel plant with wind power

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wind power
Fayette Coal Power Plant, USA © Sam LaRussa

New York’s largest fossil-fuel plant, Ravenswood Generating Station, will be replaced by offshore wind power. This manufacturing facility currently powers 20 percent of New York City by burning fossil fuels. This power plant offers an energy capacity of 2,480 megawatts .

The Ravenswood offshore wind project will reuse existing physical and electrical infrastructure, which will save New York electricity, and billpayers. Electrical connection will be provided from the offshore wind facility to the existing power plant and will be integrated into the city’s electrical system. On the other hand, the project also has significant community support, as the air quality in this part of the city is very poor and the asthma rate is very high.

The energy industry is rapidly integrating with renewable energy sources. Almost every country is shifting their energy production from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. The most radical example in this area came from New York, the crowded city of the USA.

wind power
Fuxian Lake © Luo Lei

As part of the US’s plans to neutralize carbon emissions, each state, region, and city is trying to implement its own projects. Rise Light & Power, a New York-based energy asset manager with the Ravenswood Generating Station as its main asset, has submitted an offshore wind facility proposal to the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency.

US congresswoman Nydia Velázquez (NY-7) said:

“America’s first renewable repowering of a fossil-fuel burning plant can happen right here in Long Island City, Queens, home to the city’s largest power generating facility. This project would greatly advance our state’s climate goals and be a win for environmental justice communities living nearby. I believe that the repowering of the Ravenswood Generating Station can serve as a model for the rest of the country as we work to cut our dependence on fossil fuels while also providing a just transition for residents and workers.”

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