Hamid Hassanzadeh
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Hamid Hassanzadeh is an Iranian architect, computational designer, researcher, and speaker. He studied his architecture education in Iran. With seven years of experience in this field, he worked on multiple projects in Iran, Turkey, Kuwait, and USA. He started investing on computational and parametric design in 2015 and he founded Parametric Architecture magazine in 2016 by starting from Instagram.
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FX Collaborative Designed FXFOWLE Lounge Installation With Very Sophisticated Scripting Software and Fabrication Techniques FX Collaborative designed FXFOWLE Lounge Installation with very sophisticated scripting software and fabrication techniques in 2012. The New York based architecture firm was invited to custom-design a free-standing architectural pavilion for the inaugural Miami Project, an international contemporary and modern art […]

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Lake House, a Concept Design by Wafai Architecture | Vacation House for a Small Family Turin based architecture practice Wafai designed the LakeHouse as a vacation house for a small family. The house is located in Switzerland on the lake Türlersee. It is supposed to be a vacation house for a small family including a couple […]

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Dragonfly, a 3D Printed Dress Designed and Fabricated by Oleg Soroko and Mintsev Kirill Dragonfly, is a 3D printed dress designed and fabricated by two Russian artists Oleg Soroko of After Form and Mintsev Kirill. The collaboration between two artists combined two major topics of fashion and parametric design. Designed and 3d printed in Moscow, […]

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Napp Studio Designs Golden Gate for the Flower Market Entrance Inspired From Traditional Chinese Temple Napp Studio designs Golden Gate for the flower market entrance in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong inspired from traditional chinese temple. Text description provided by architects. People stroll around the Flower Market with friends and families, purchasing auspicious dolls and accessories […]

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Liantang  Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point Passenger Terminal Proposal WAU Design Twisted Link concept project by WAU Design has won the team a Commendation in Ideas Competition for Liantang / Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point Passenger Terminal Building for its unique twisted design that connects Hongkong and Luohu in Shenzhen, China. In addition […]

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Maxim Zhestkov Uses Computational Algorithms to Create Intersection of Art, Design and Computer Graphics. Maxim Zhestkov is Russian visual artist and founder of Zhestkove Studio. He works on the intersection of art, design and computer graphic and developing new forms of moving images.Zhestkove Studio is using computer simulations to decipher principles of the nature in […]

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The Wave Villa is a Concept Design by Ukrainian Architect Dmitriy Kuznietsoy in Bali Indonesia | 2018 The Wave Villa is a concept design by Ukrainian architect Dmitriy Kuznietsoy in Bali, Indonesia in 2018. The exterior form and the interior spaces of the villa are shaped by a wave like form by connecting all the walls and ceiling together.

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The twisted buildings of Absolute Towers in Mississauga, Canada designed by the Chinese architecture firm MAD Architects, and completed in 2012. The twisted buildings of Absolute Towers in Mississauga, Canada designed by the Chinese architecture firm MAD Architects, and completed in 2012. Text description provided by the architects. Modernism has a famous motto: A house is a […]

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Hyundai Motorstudio’s Kinetic Installation in Goyang Consists of 1,411 Aluminium Rods. The Hyundai Motor Studio in Gyoang, South Korea opened in 2017, with an impressive kinetic sculpture forming the highlight of the thematic parcours, the stage of the exhibition exploring each step of the research and production process. The Hyundai Motor Studio in Gyoang, South […]

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SuperCar Blondie Presents The BMW Vision Next 100 The Australian social media celebrity and YouTuber, Alex Hirschi presents BMW Vision Next 100. The new generation of BMW cars are shape-shifting autonomous cars with artificial intelligence. Alive Geometry is a new feature by BWM which they introduced it as shape-shifting geometry in the Vision Next 100. […]

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