The Baldacchino Of Chiesa Durita Woven by DeD Studio

The Baldacchino Of Chiesa Durita approached by DeD Studio aims to inscribe and restore the external and internal fabric of the church, retaining the original silhouette from a distance. The critical design

Sky SOHO Leasing Showroom Sculpted by GAP Architects

Flexuous dynamic forms enshrine a mesmerising mood in interiors. Sky SOHO Leasing Showroom designed, illustrated and skewed by GAP Architects, next to Hongqiao Airport. The showroom breathes in the masterpiece

DOMKAPA Presents a Unique Showroom Experience

Domkapa is proud to present a new showroom experience inspired by nature and its rich materials, shapes, and contours. Domkapa is bringing this unique vibe to a museum-like showroom that

Overlapping Moongates for Zhongshuge Bookstore

The Chinese company named Zhongshuge continues redefining the bookstore concept. Recently opened as the second chain in Beijing, at Galeries Lafayette department, the remarkable bookstore is designed by Li Xiang,

LVMH Media Division Office by Ora Ito

Ora Ito’s Eye-Catching parametric sculpture, like a tornado in a mindfully serene office environment. French designer Ora Ito has designed LVMH Media Division Office that is home to Le Parisien

Nocenco Cafe by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Vo Trong Nghia Architects creates “Cave-Like” Nocenco cafe with swirling bamboo ceiling in Vinh city, Nghe An, Vietnam   VTN Architects creates “Cave-Like” Nocenco cafe with swirling bamboo ceiling in

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