Avenida Cordoba 120 by Foster + Partners to be completed in 2025

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Avenida Cordoba 120 with glass facade and green terraces
Avenida Cordoba 120 designed by Foster + Partners

Avenida Cordoba 120 is a 35-story office tower designed by Foster + Partners, situated at a pivotal junction between the historic city center and the main entrance to Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is designed to be a sustainable addition to the city’s central district and establish a distinctive new presence on the skyline. The building has a triangular form, which helps to maximize views towards the Rio de la Plata River.

The ground floor of Avenida Cordoba mostly features open public space as a lush garden raised above a cafe that extends below the building. This garden serves as a natural oasis, providing a relaxing environment surrounded by greenery for office workers and the public and for hosting larger corporate events. The plantation from the garden continues through the upper floors of the building and creates triple-story terraces, offering a place for outdoor meetings and gatherings. In total, there are seven terraces that are complemented by five internal atria, which reflect the main organizing principles of how office floorplates are designed. The offices are arranged in clusters like villages, with open spaces at the center, enabling visual connections across different levels. The building offers up to twenty different floor plan options based on four basic layouts, providing organizations with unparalleled flexibility and choice.

View from the triple-story terrace of Avenida Cordoba 120
View from the triple-story terrace of Avenida Cordoba 120

The Avenida Cordoba 120 will be accessed via a series of terraced steps and escalator banks leading up to the raised entrance lobby. The design emphasizes accessibility, with a cycle ramp towards the south-eastern apex. As for the building material, the design consists of a limited material palette, including wood, fair-faced concrete, and polished stainless steel. The folded stainless-steel facade is designed around a ‘picture frame’ principle that frames views out to the city below and reduces heat gain with a target to achieve a LEED Gold rating, adding to its sustainable credentials.

Being one of the highly anticipated projects of Foster + Partners, Avenida Cordoba 120 was commissioned in 2019 with a projected completion date of 2025.

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