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April 10, 2023

Ross Lovegrove generated visually stunning and highly parametric SuperBiomorphic yachts

Ross Lovegrove has created a series of spectacular over-100-meter superyachts that challenge traditional notions of yacht design. The yachts’ are structurally created through ‘netification’, a design principle that adopts net and web-like structures to achieve complexity and light penetration throughout the vessels, resulting in a final aesthetic that is both visually stunning and highly parametric.

Dubai plans to build $33bn mega-airport project

Dubai plans to restart its mega-airport construction project, according to MEED, which is the expansion of Al-Maktoum International Airport. By 2050, the airport hopes to be the world’s largest, capable of accommodating up to 255 million people per year.

QS World Rankings announced best universities to study Architecture in 2023

QS announced the top universities to study Architecture and the Built Environment in 2023. The index includes around 1,500 universities and filters by different criteria, from academic reputation to the number of international students enrolled and locations across Europe, Asia, and North America.

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