January 13, 2023

15 smallest houses around the world

In designing a home, size is an important quantitative estimate in designing a minimal yet sufficient habitable space. Reduction of space is a factor that is posing a threat, especially to the construction industry.

Hindu Heritage Experience Centre inspired by nature and religious symbolism

The Hindu Heritage Experience (HHE) Centre develops an immersive experience in which spiritual teachings are transformed into an inspirational experiential journey. The masterplan, landscape, and buildings take you on this journey by using symbolic forms to elicit emotion through the senses of scent, sight, sound, and touch.

3D-printed abstract sculptures by Kevin Mack

Kevin Mack is a pioneer of immersive art, visual design, and computer graphics. Mack is inspired by transcendent visions, nature, and technology. His work is informed by research in a wide range of fields from neuroscience to artificial life.

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