January 22, 2022

Towards a 3D-Printed Architecture

3D-printed architecture has recently lent support to architecture by offering the new creative potential of efficiently eliminating the time-consuming and labor-intensive model-making procedures, increasing the sense of discovery throughout the design process, and expanding the frequency and complexity of the iterative process digital models into the actual physical artifact. Workflows seem to be more simplified. Research, concept design, and detail studies can all happen simultaneously, resulting in improved communication both internally and outside now.

Will 3D Printing Technology Replace Traditional Manufacturing?

3D printing technology has gained a lot of momentum in the last decade. You might have read articles on how 3D printing has disrupted different markets, including gaming, aerospace, construction, automotive, electronics, and more! There have been speculations that it might replace traditional manufacturing in the coming years. But how far 3D printing technology will go? What are the possibilities of the evolution of this technology in the industry?

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