January 2022

UAE pavilion

UAE Pavilion, Calatrava’s Falcon-Inspired Building at Expo 2020 Dubai

The UAE Pavilion, designed by Santiago Calatrava, highlights the UAE’s history and aspirations through its mesmerizing architecture. It is located in the center of the World Expo 2020 exhibition site in Dubai. By an impression from the majestic falcon, the country’s national bird, the building spreads 28 moveable wings in a symphony to represent the UAE’s strength and legacy. The whole pavilion is surrounded by culturally significant trees and provides a calm and tranquil environment for visitors.

Metaverse, The Upcoming Realm of Architects

Let us admit that we all are curious about the metaverse and the future it is offering to pursue all the buzz created since Mark Zuckerberg announced it in October 2021.

Yokohama Terminal, Serving as A Public Space

Opening up great possibilities of public space beyond transportation, Japan’s largest marine terminal, Yokohama International Port Terminal, is this week’s Uncoverd project.

Towards a 3D-Printed Architecture

3D-printed architecture has recently lent support to architecture by offering the new creative potential of efficiently eliminating the time-consuming and labor-intensive model-making procedures, increasing the sense of discovery throughout the design process, and expanding the frequency and complexity of the iterative process digital models into the actual physical artifact. Workflows seem to be more simplified. Research, concept design, and detail studies can all happen simultaneously, resulting in improved communication both internally and outside now.

Will 3D Printing Technology Replace Traditional Manufacturing?

3D printing technology has gained a lot of momentum in the last decade. You might have read articles on how 3D printing has disrupted different markets, including gaming, aerospace, construction, automotive, electronics, and more! There have been speculations that it might replace traditional manufacturing in the coming years. But how far 3D printing technology will go? What are the possibilities of the evolution of this technology in the industry?

What is an NFT? Explained

As NFTs pushed back the boundaries of the marketplace in multidisciplinary fields over the past two years, providing a unique platform for artists who crave to exhibit their work, we felt the urge to delve into the world of NFT and clarify it for you on our Youtube channel. Hope you will enjoy the video above.

Taking A Progressive Approach Towards Design at the Computational Design: NEXT 7.0

Computational Design: NEXT 7.0, the two-day online conference with pioneering architects and designers from diverse disciplines, was held on the 11 and 12th of December 2021. The conference provided demonstrations on the latest issues regarding parametric and computational design. Various speakers and lecturers were invited to share their thoughts or current projects with a progressive approach to architectural matters from computational viewpoints.

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