December 2021

Best of PATalks 2021 – Five Interviews You Should Not Miss

The PATalks interview series is one of the most popular podcasts in the architecture and design world. Where we sit down with the pioneers of the industry and talk about their careers, design methodologies, tools and technologies, new techniques of manufacturing, and visions for the future. As we come to the end of the year, here we have collected some of the best interviews we did in 2021. Hope you like them!

Richard Rogers

Richard Rogers And Becoming One of The World’s Best-Known Architects

Welcome to the sixth episode of Uncoverd, a video series by ParametricArchitecture. In this series, PA’s editor Luka Koumari reveals less known and exciting facts about iconic figures and projects in the architecture and design world. This episode of Uncoverd will be in memory of Richard Rogers, where Luka will go his story of winning the Pritzker award in 2007 to becoming one of the world’s best-known architects. Richard Rogers, who designed some of the world’s most iconic buildings, passed away in his home in England on December 18, 2021.

Planet City

“Planet City” An Alternative Urban Future by Liam Young

This week’s Uncoverd is about Planet City by Liam Young. In this short animated movie, Liam Young provides a window into an alternative urban future and working as a thought experiment to diminish the ongoing climate crisis by housing 10 bilion people in a motropolis.


Uncoverd 04 – TERA (AI SpaceFactory)

Created with space-grade technologies that were developed for long-term sustainable missions on Mars and surrounded by the woods in Upstate New York, TERA by Ai SpaceFactory is this week’s Uncoverd project.

Computational Design: NEXT 8.0

Computational Design: NEXT 8.0

Computational Design: NEXT 8.0 brings together pioneers from all industries to discuss the new emerging technologies in architecture & design.

Parametricism And Patrick Schumacher

What is parametricism all about? A growing interest has been seen in parametric architecture, as it offers a new approach towards architectural language that is based on advanced computational design techniques that turn into an enabler to create complex geometries. Designers are turning towards this new tool of parametric architecture now more than ever. One of the pivotal terms in the late 90s that came into existence was parametricism; a term hinted by the legend Zaha Hadid. 

Thalassic Masks Transforming The Medical Products

The Thalassic Masks project, designed by artists Filippo Nassetti and Vincenzo Reale, in collaboration with Stratasys, Empa, Haratech, and Creative Region Linz, focuses on rethinking the protective mask, transforming a medical product, born in a state of emergency, into a design statement expressing contemporary identities.

Virgil Abloh

Uncoverd 03 – Virgil Abloh

The third episode of Uncoverd is in memory of Virgil Abloh and covers some of his most contributions to the design and fashion industry.

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