November 2021

Tips for Creating a Minimalist Kitchen

Take a look around your kitchen. Is it everything you always wanted? Do you find yourself wishing for just one more appliance that could bring happiness? If you find yourself in a perpetual state of desire, you need minimalism in your life. When trying to decide where to apply minimalist techniques, start in the kitchen. This article describes some techniques for you to have a minimalist kitchen.

Uncoverd 01 – MAXXI Museum (Zaha Hadid Architects)

In Uncoverd’s first episode, Luka will expose less-known facts about the MAXXI Museum by Zaha Hadid architects. The MAXXI Museum results from an international competition established by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture in 1998 to build a new Center for Contemporary Arts. Zaha Hadid’s design has been the winner of an international design competition.

Sanya Jinmao

Sanya Jinmao Farm Lab: A Wooden Latticed Framework Building Visioned by CLOU Architects

Horizontal and vertical frames lace a farmhouse, a research center, and a display arena. Sanya Jinmao Farm Lab designed by CLOU Architects presents a striking structural composition of grids and guides in Sanya City, Hainan Island. Nanshan Co-life Pavilion and Nanfan Exhibition Hall in the Nanfan High-tech Park exposes two multifunctional spaces with 6,900 square meters of total construction.

PA Talks 45 – Robert McNeel

Watch the PATalks Episode 45, the first-ever interview with Robert McNeel, the founder, and CEO of Robert McNeel & Associates, the company behind Rhinoceros 3D, one of the most favorite software among designers. In this exclusive interview with Hamid Hassanzadeh, founder and editor in chief of PA, Robert McNeel describes his early career, professions before establishing the company, and what led them to start and build this new software. McNeel also explained RhinoInside, the new feature in the software, and shared ideas about the upcoming features such as Grasshopper 2 and the integration of 3D Printing software in Rhino and Grasshopper.

STERLING PRESSER designs the “Sport Arena” and the “Arena Park” in Vienna, Austria

STERLING PRESSER Architects+Engineers envisioned the new construction of the ‘Sport Arena Wien’ to create a new sustainable landmark with the theme of ‘Green Architecture’ for the city of Vienna in Austria. The project aims to find a high-quality architectural solution that presents the arena with the outdoor space in an overall ensemble.

Wind Pavilion

Wind Pavilion: Flaunting Curves Woven in Bamboo by Tongji CAUP

Wind Pavilion, designed and woven by Tongji CAUP, presents a bamboo-structured pavilion at the Longshanyuan in Anji City. The abode serves the tourists as a place to rest. The shelter can accommodate a small group for performances and team-building events. The curvaceous design enfolds various landscape characteristics from diverse aspects and integrates bifurcated herringbone sheds as the spatial prototype.

PA Talks 44 – Patrick Abbattista

Episode 44 of the PATalks is a conversation between Hamid Hassanzadeh and Patrick Abbattista, founder and CEO of DesignWanted, one of the best digital magazines about art, architecture, and design. Patrick’s multi-faceted experience in digital marketing for creative businesses and vision for realizing designers’ creative and commercial potential led to the birth of DesignWanted in Milan, in 2015. Today, the platform reaches over 20 million people every month due to its social media presence.

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