September 2021

Urban Park Micro Renovation by Atelier cnS + School of Architecture, South China University of Technology

Urban Park Micro Renovation by Atelier cnS + School of Architecture, South China University of Technology presents a multitude of exhilarating wavy structures composed of bamboo. From early 2019, cn°S has been involved in projects like Changqi Bamboo Corridor and the Huanglong Waterfront Bamboo Corridor. By 2020, the firm got commissioned by the Beijiao Town Government and they designed two art installations in the Xianmo Flower Field Landscape Park.

Areuke Spa

Areuke Spa Chiselled as A Tilted Pyramid by Chiasmus Partners

Areuke Spa exposed as a tilted pyramid, designed by Chiasmus Partners garnishes in its limited space in a vibrant charisma. The building magnifies you, attracts you and holds your gaze upon an alley in an old residential area at the heart of Hongdae.

Atyrau Bridge: A Shelled Magnificence Woven by New Moon Architects

Atyrau Bridge exudes sheer craftsmanship and symbolism blended wondrously by New Moon Architects. Stretching 314 meters long and 10.5 meters wide, the Atyrau Bridge exposes an iconic charm in the historic city of Astaná, Kazakhstan. The bridge revels as an iconic architectural masterpiece set in contemporary Nur-Sultan. Designed by young local architects, it’s elated to become the most picturesque attraction in the historic city.

Body Architecture / Studio Filippo Nassetti

The Body Architecture studio workshop explores the possibilities of designing the unique type of wearables for different natural and artificial environments and how the human body and its prostheses would react and adapt to future trends.

Louisiana State Museum

Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame Visioned by Trahan Architects

A simple geometric expression fused by an organically morphed inner form. Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame frames a linear edifice designed by Trahan Architects in Natchitoches. The design envisaged horizontal slats in the oldest settlement of Louisiana Purchase, gleams and lustre in the blooming sun. Sitting amiably on the banks of the Cane River Lake, the architects inhaled their inspiration from the riverfront setting. Incorporating early sustainable practices and the 17th-century bousillage building techniques of the French settlers, the design oriented to an elemental angle.

Rotating Triumphal Arch Envisioned by KATARSIS ab

Rotating Triumphal Arch revolves on such an inspiring idea of a rotating arch visualized and executed by KATARSIS ab in the courtyard of the Nikolsky market. Started as a paper project, the rotating triumphal arch emerged in the district’s heart of Kolomna, deep in St. Petersburg.

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