March 2021

Project Olympus in collaboration with BIG

ICON – Innovating for Humanity’s Future Through 3D Printing Technologies

ICON, an Austin – based startup, by using the advances in 3D Printing robotic, materials, and software, develops construction technologies that are helping advance humanity. However, their core resorts in their innovative and generative methods. From making their 3D printed home designs to collaborating with Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), ICON has enhanced its 3D Printing technology to a newfound level.

PA Talks 37 – Arthur Mamou-Mani

Arthur Mamou-Mani, a world-renowned London-based architect was a part of an intriguing session in the PA Talks series with Hamid Hassanzadeh, founder of PA discussing his careers, inspirations, 3D Printing, Eco-Parametric Architecture, and his educational studio at the PAACADEMY.

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