July 2019

Aqua Tower by Studio Gang

Studio Gang Created The Aqua Tower With a Vertical Topography in The Facade in Chicago, Illinois At 82 stories, reaching a height of 876 feet,

Absolute Towers by MAD Architects

The twisted buildings of Absolute Towers in Mississauga, Canada designed by the Chinese architecture firm MAD Architects, and completed in 2012. The twisted buildings of

Hyundai Motorstudio | Goyang 2017

Hyundai Motorstudio’s Kinetic Installation in Goyang Consists of 1,411 Aluminium Rods. The Hyundai Motor Studio in Gyoang, South Korea opened in 2017, with an impressive

BMW Vision Next 100

SuperCar Blondie Presents The BMW Vision Next 100 The Australian social media celebrity and YouTuber, Alex Hirschi presents BMW Vision Next 100. The new generation

Flourishing By James Owen

San Francisco based British artist, James Owen, creates Flourishing named series of motion graphics using complex mathematical formulas in 3d modeling software. Flourishing is a

Buga Fibre Pavilion by ICD/ITKE

Buga Fibre Pavilion by ICD/ITKE University of Stuttgart in Bundesgartenschau, Heillbronn, 2019 Embedded in the wavelike landscape of the Bundesgartenschau grounds, the BUGA Fibre Pavilion

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